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 Enfocus PitStop Professional 7.51

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MesajKonu: Enfocus PitStop Professional 7.51   Salı Haz. 02, 2009 10:58 pm

Enfocus PitStop Professional 7.51

PitStop Professional Adobe Acrobat Reader için otomatik bağlanma ve
düzenleme eklentisi.Gelişmiş özelliklere sahip. PDF'lere resim, metin
vs. ekleyebiliyor. Enfocus PitStop Professional en ileri PDF düzenleme
ve endüstri standartlarına uyumluluk teklif ediyor. Kendine ait PDF
teknolojisiyle gerçek bir iş hafifletici olduğunu ispatlamış bir
yazılım.Acrobatı vektörel bir program gibi kullanmanızıda olanak

PitStop Professional 7 is the de facto standard for graphic arts and
publishing professionals needing to preflight, edit and fix PDF files.
No other preflight software comes close to offering PitStop
Professional 7's comprehensive range of tools, giving you unprecedented
control over your PDFs right up to the minute they go to press. PitStop
Professional 7's extensive PDF preflight options ensure every possible
error is caught before output.

With custom preflight reports and a new enhanced PDF Navigator, it's
easy to jump from the preflight report right to a problem highlighted
on the PDF page. PitStop Professional 7 also performs a wide range of
fixes for common PDF prepress errors, meaning you don't need to make
time-consuming manual changes to your files. And if you need powerful
automation (adding or removing logos, page headers or converting
colors, for example), PitStop Professional 7 can now embed Enfocus
Action Lists right into your PDF Profile, offering a huge scope of test
and modification options all from a single click of your mouse. And
there's more! For the ultimate in preflight control, PitStop
Professional 7 also fully incorporates Enfocus award-winning Certified
PDF® technology, allowing you to track changes to files, roll back to
previous versions and guarantee PDF quality from start to finish in
your workflow.

With so many options available, PDF preflighting could seem a
dauntingly complicated task for the novice and professional alike!
PitStop Professional 7 eases the transition to becoming a PDF guru by
providing a broad selection of pre-configured PDF Profiles that check
and correct all common prepress errors. PitStop Professional 7 even
ships with PDF Profiles based on PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and the
very latest Ghent PDF Workgroup standards, meaning you can get a
bulletproof, standards-compliant workflow up and running in record time.

And for those times when you need to make manual changes to a PDF,
PitStop Professional 7 also provides a host of powerful tools. Select
and edit PDF elements such as text, vector objects, raster images, and
color profiles then change properties such as fonts, font embedding and
outlining, color spaces, size and position, image resolution, ICC
profiles and much, much more. You can even add bleed and do
color-managed color conversions on an object-to-object basis - features
hard to find in a fully-blown DTP application! For maximum color
fidelity, pick the color engine of your choice from a range of industry
standard CMS solutions. If you feel the need for speed, try using
PitStop Professional 7's Global Changes which provide easy-to-configure
document-wide modifications such as global color or font changes. And
because PitStop Professional 7 is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in, you can
perform all your modifications without ever having to leave Acrobat's
familiar interface.


1. Comprehensive Preflighting Made Easy
Capable of performing a wide range of checks on just about every
imaginable PDF element, PitStop Professional 7 gains its unique power
from the fact that it not only checks for PDF problems, but it can fix
them as well! And while the range of possible checks and fixes for
diverse PDF problems is huge, set-up is always simple thanks to the
intuitive, step-by-step interface that is laid out in categories
familiar to print professionals. With PitStop Professional 7's PDF
Profile Editor you get the best of both worlds - ease-of-use and
powerful functionality. And to help you start preflighting immediately,
PitStop Professional 7 ships with many pre-configured PDF Profiles that
will have you up-and-running with confidence in record time.
And when you need even more control over the changes you need to make,
PitStop Professional 7 can now embed Enfocus Action Lists right into
PDF Profiles, meaning you can build powerful document-modifying scripts
directly into the preflighting process.

2. Custom Reports and a New Feature-Rich Navigator
PitStop Professional 7 preflight reports are now easier to read, print
better and can even be customized to match your brand. Preflight
reports can also be embedded into the original PDF to provide clear and
straightforward information to all users associated with a file.
Navigating through the preflight report is now easier than ever too.
Click on a link in the report and PitStop Professional 7 jumps to the
exact location in the original PDF where the problem occurred. Then
experience the power of the new PDF Navigator as it takes you through
your preflighted PDF step-by-step, highlighting problems on the page
against a darkened background and proposing solutions to the problems
encountered. It's like being guided through your file by a PDF guru!
And best of all, in many cases the PDF Navigator can even correct found
problems with a simple click on the "Fix" button - it's that powerful!

3. Built for Publishing and Printing Pros… with Built-in ROI
In a business of short turnarounds and tight budgets, pre-press
professionals know how much a single botched job can cost in hard cash
and client confidence - even when it's not your fault! Integrating
PitStop Professional 7 into your workflow is the fastest and most
cost-efficient step you can take in eliminating these headaches up
Given it's modest pricing and incredible functionality, it will often pay for itself within the span of a few print runs.

4. Editing Features - Individual & Global
"You can't edit a PDF, right?" - Wrong! With PitStop Professional 7 you
have more access to the elements on your PDF page than even hardened
PDF experts can quite believe. From DTP-style changes to nitty-gritty
prepress modifications, PitStop Professional 7's incredible toolkit
opens access to your PDF files in ways hitherto thought impossible.
And if you get tired of clicking, try PitStop Professional 7's powerful
and intuitive Global Changes, which allow users to quickly automate
common editing tasks through entire documents. With Global Changes,
your document will be press-ready in a matter of minutes, if not
Say goodbye then to waiting around for designers to get back to you
with another modified hit-and-miss PDF - PitStop Professional 7 allows
you to take control!

5. Fully Integrated Certified PDF® technology
Enfocus Certified PDF® technology bolts down even the most unwieldy of
PDF workflows, allowing you to standardize and control files no matter
how disparate your sources, and freeing you from concerns over
liability issues.
With Certified PDF, you have a host of workflow enhancing technologies built right into the PDF.
-Files arriving in your Inbox contain an embedded PDF Profile, allowing
you to verify if the document creator has preflighted the file against
the PDF Profile you specified before sending it to you.
-Each Certified PDF contains a history of all changes made to the file,
allowing you to trace who made them, when they were made, and what the
changes were.
-Certified PDFs have the option of rolling back to a previous version
of the file. Changes you've made to a PDF at any stage can be undone -
it's non-destructive editing for PDFs!
And if you add a contributor's subscription to to your
workflow, you can share your quality PDF Specifications created in
PitStop Professional 7 over the internet with users of other Enfocus
Products such as Instant PDF and PitStop Server. Users will be
automatically kept up-to-date with your latest specifications.

6. Standards-based and a Standard in Itself!
PitStop Professional 7 ships with a wide range of pre-configured,
standards-compliant PDF Profiles, including PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4
and the very latest Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications, meaning that
from the minute you install PitStop Professional 7 you can guarantee
you output and distribute only bulletproof PDFs.
Given Enfocus PitStop Professional 7's incredible host of
tried-and-tested features for checking and editing PDF files, it's no
wonder that many industry key-players have chosen the Enfocus PDF
processing engine as the de facto preflighting standard and
incorporated it in their own solutions. Enfocus OEM partners include
Agfa, Heidelberg, Screen, and others (see - a sure sign
that PitStop Professional remains the most trusted tool in PDF

System Requirements:


* Adobe® Acrobat® 7.x, 8.x Standard or Professional
* Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with service pack 4
* Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional or Home Edition
* Microsoft® Windows® Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate (32-bit only)


* Adobe® Acrobat® 7.x on PowerPC® Processor
* Adobe® Acrobat® 8.x Professional (Universal)
* Mac OS® X v.10.3.9 through 10.4.11 (Universal)
* StuffIt Expander 10 or higher (for expansion of the installer package)


* Minimum 256 MB of RAM (512MB recommended)
* 1.024x768 screen resolution (1280 x 1024 recommended)
* DVD drive (for installation from the products DVD)

Color Management:
ICC profiles used must be compatible with the selected color management
system (Adobe CMS, Little CMS, or the integrated CMS of your operating
system). Enfocus.PitStop.Professional.7.51.rar

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Enfocus PitStop Professional 7.51
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